Tuesday, April 28, 2009



The sun will rise and set the felids aglow
The moon will shine and raise the sea
The clock will click softly, demandingly
I sit under the olive tree.

The leaves will fall and light the world
The snow will drift and freeze the rest
The earth passes by, slowly still
And still I sit under the olive tree.

Days will pass and nights will go
Seasons move and carry us home
Celebrate good company, good cheer
And still I sit under the olive tree

Many pass and watch me grow
And many pass and I slowly die
And many will wonder, many will ask
What I am doing under the olive tree

The truth, I never tell them
The confusion, always lingers
And still I sit, and always stay
Under the shade of a never-changing olive tree.


I'm L P, and this is my blog you have stumbled upon. I don't know if you'll listen, or if you'll learn something new, but thanks for visitng anyway...

So, what's this blog all about? Take my brain, scoop out all of my ideas, and spread them on a peice of bread for you to eat. Of course, what are ideas without a litte spice? I'll make things interesting for you, and hopefully have you back for seconds. So come on down and have a bite; I have countless poems, songs, stories, and more suprises for you to feast on.

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