Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Untitled by Elena Cruz

Gravity is coming down
There used to be a smile but now its a frown
Not going to listen to anymore words
Jump out the window and fly with the birds.

(I really thought this was insightful.  Big thanks to Elena!  :)  LP.)

Preview of a new novel.

“Mom, what’s for breakfast?”
“Purple, son.  Is this to your liking?”
“I hate purple!” Alyx whined.  “Why couldn’t we have orange?”
I rolled my eyes.  “Well, Alyx, we’ve only had purple every morning since our birth.  You would think that someone would stop complaining a month after leaving the womb.”   Alyx glared at me.  What an idiot.
“Settle down.  Samuel, Alyx is not an idiot, and if I remember correctly, Alyx surpassed you on last week’s exam by eleven points.”  Mom gave him that look he loves, and she patted him on the head.  Alyx’s smug grin made my teeth hurt.  “Samuel, for your passive aggressive thinking, you’re first to receive this morning’s purple vapor.”
I sighed, and leapt from my chair.  My bare-feet met the cold tiled floor and I stretched.  My muscles rippled with tension and some bones released a small crack.  A couple deep breathers, and, already, Alyx was growing impatient.
“Hurry up,” he seethed.
“As soon as you stop being a bitch.”
“That’s enough, Samuel Frankington.” Mom said.
“All right, all right.  I’m sitting down…”
There was a familiar, mechanical whirring above my head.  I sat down.
“Initiating daily news and events.  Today is December 21st, Year 42.  Temperature high is 62 and temperature low is 30.  Cloudy.”  The windows suddenly changed scenes, from a bright morning to a desperately dark overcast.  The heating systems could be heard faintly from within the walls.  Everything as it should be.
A syringe emerged from the ceiling, a purple liquid bouncing in the cylinder.  In the same exact instant, a band wrapped its way across my forearm and shoulder.  A monotonous voice from our house’s speakers then told me to relax and gave me meaningless reassurance.  “Everything will be all right.  It won’t hurt.  Side effects include vomiting and dizziness.  Thank you for supporting Life-Tec.”  This routine has been repeating itself once a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year, exactly at 8 o’clock.  I’d gotten used to it.
A sharp pain in my arm told me that a three inch needle had penetrated my skin.  “Mom, where’s Dad?” I said breathlessly.
“He is experiencing an illness at the moment.  Do you require his assistance?”
“No, I’m just curious,” I said.
“Curiosity is not necessary to-”
“To my existence as a young male and you disapprove of my pondering, I know.”
Mom grew quiet.
A few seconds of silence, and the needle left my vein.  “Process complete.  Please refrain from movement until the armbands have completely retracted.”  A cotton ball was placed on the puncture wound, and then the armbands released their grip.  I ignored Mom’s tapping nails and dead, emotionless face.  Sometimes, she doesn’t even look alive.
I crept past Mom with caution.  Her eyes followed me closely.  Alyx watched me, smiling.  “You’re going get it.  You know better than to cut her off,” he whispered.
“Shut up.  She hears you,” I breathed.
“She hears much more than what you say, Samuel…”  He wasn’t smiling anymore.
“Alyx.  It’s your turn,” Mom said curtly.
Silently, he walked to where I received the shot, and I took his place on his soft bench.  Usually, I can r

(this is a preivew of a new science fiction novel.  more updates on the way.  LP.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy Light

"Holy Light"

The world fades into red as the sunset slips into gray

And seconds pass, and seasons go.

From up on high I spotted a flock of dead birds

Flying west, into that sunset.

I spread my wing from up on high

And I, closing my eyes, attempt to fly.

But watch me fall as I become one

In unity with the dead, into that sunset.

By the morning, I’ll be gone

By the morning, I’ll rot.

No goodbyes for you

No goodbyes for you.

By the morning, I’ll be gone

By the morning, I’ll rot.

I was so far up, so high up

Yet I jumped, I gave it all to God.

I followed blindly, screaming violently

To the sun, to the light!

Yet, here I fall, here I lay

Here I stay with the flock of the dead.

I had it all, yet it wasn’t enough

It was never enough, I needed to follow the sun.

By the morning, I’ll be gone

By the morning, I’ll rot.

No goodbyes for you

No goodbyes for you.

By the morning, I’ll be gone

By the morning, I’ll rot.

If there’s one piece of advice I’d like to give

To the old, to the young, to the strong

Don’t follow a sun that’s miles away

Don’t follow a sun, keep it away.

The light may be appealing,

It might give you hope,

But you’ll see you’re wrong once you have died

Just like me.

Monday, December 7, 2009



Unwinding a peice of thread I'll never use
Flipping through the comics, just to read the news
Speaking out of turn, without raising my hand
Somethings I do, I don't understand.

Taking my time reading all of the labels
Watching reruns of twenty commercials
Speaking without words, listening without sound
Somethings I do, I don't understand.

Sipping coffee without a cup
Smoking a cigarette without a mouth!
Breathing in, breathing out
Steady heartbeat without a pulse!

Why did I ever leave you?
Why did I ever care?
I'm living without reason
I'm dead without, without...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Earth is Heaven's Hell

"Earth is Heaven's Hell"

They took me in with my bloodstained robe
And presented me before the court
There sat God on His mighty throne
With a smile of deep contempt.

"I didn't do it, I swear!" I said with despair
But the jury laughed at my plea
Tears fell out of my darkest fear
That I may be sent to bleed.

God looked at me, twiddled His thumbs
And opened His mouth to speak,
"Tell me, my children, what hath he done?"
"He's a sinner, your honor, so dead, so weak!"

His eyes filled with a terrible rage
I wished I was gone
As he towered o'er, twisted and derranged,
"You! I have a special case, just the place, for bastards like you!"

"Send him to the darkest depths of my thoughts
Make him wish he repented
Make him suffer from his own righteous sins
For he shall be sent to bleed!"

"Bleed!" they chanted. "Bleed!" they screamed
As I took the staircase to hell.
"Good luck!" they laughed. "Farewell!" they cried,
And I, sobbing as I went, left my mother's womb.

Sonnet I

"Sonnet I"

I am fearful, for my past makes me so
To open up my heart, to let you in,
But as strongly as this autumn wind blows
My eyes slowly turn and let conscience sin.

I knew from the start I'd be your captive
Captured in your prison of a smile
Caught in your heavenly web, let me live,
But, please, let me be close to your sick vile.

As the sickness spreads across my last limbs
I take my final breath as I sink
Deeper, closer, to your sweet, dead, pale lips
Through decay, I live, drowning in your ink.

Its a violent love for you and me
But theres no other way I'd rather bleed.

At Least He's Not Living

"At Least He's Not Living"

He's choking on dirt
Gravestone's his nametag
Everyone in town,
Knows of Tommy the Clown,
But at least he's not living.

He's got deer taking shits
On his brown lil' mound
Everyone in town,
Knows of Tommy the Clown,
But at least he's not living.

And there I stand
I swear hear laughing
Everyone in town,
Knows of Me the Freak,
I hope I'm not living.


I've been doing a little thing called NaNoWrImO the past month. You know, 50,000 words in one month. It somewhat explains why I haven't posted in a while...

Well. I'm posting now.

Out of the 50k I maybe, hmm... Completed 5,000 of that. I know, I'm a failure, but whats new? I got some more poetry for you, so lets go.


Monday, October 26, 2009



Light up the candles flicker in the dark
Confetti in happy colors in a million happy shards.
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me...

Sent out blank cars just yesterday
A blank grin spread across my face
But nobody cared,
And nobody came.

And now I'm singing drunk with all of my friends
Jack Daniel's, my shadow, my peace, and my smile
Happy brithday to me
Happy birthday to me...


So, my friends, I think its time for gifts
Crossing my fingers that its not-
Oh, it is-
The same as last year.

Polka dotted birthyday hats
Cmon, let's sing! Let's dance!
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me...

A lil' sip of Jack Daniel's
Maybe I can sleep tonight
But, maybe I won't
Happy birthday to me...

A knock on the door, coldness at my heels
What's this? A guest? A bullet, a gun
Happy birthday to me
Oh, happy-fucking-birthday to me...


I'll blow out the candles, yes, I'll sleep
Don't miss me too much, my friends, don't miss me...
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday, dear Dallin
Happy birthday to...

Friday, October 23, 2009



I'm starting on the final page of this fairytale
Where we roam the streets and laugh till we die
And the graves we dug, never left,
Where we keep running till we finally fall right in.

If I'm your shining prince, then where'm I bound?
If you're my lovely bride, then where's your gown?
The church bells are crying,
I don't know about you, but my uneasy heart tells me we'll be late.

A gravestone marks the end of our sinning path
Where our lonely hands are cold and the soil is our only warmth
The others pass and step on over past
The tomb carved with two words:

Goodbye Friend.
Goodbye Friend.
Goodbye Friend.


Friday, June 26, 2009



Tell me exactly who I am
Scream into one ear
Goes out the other end
Tell me who should be.

You look at those millionaries
Those celeberties
The priests
And they say, "Why can't you be them?

So how high do I have to climb
Higher and higher
To reach the other side
Where you want me to be.

You're killing me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sentenced on the Road to Hell

“Sentenced on the Road to Hell”

The static upon the megaphone’s words
The fury of a single outcry
A scream against the leaders
They can’t say
They can’t tell
We’re on a road to Hell.

We burst the walls
And set alight the altar
The chapel falls and ignites truth
No more lies
No more prayers
We’re on a road to Hell.

Who’s to say what’s wrong and right?
Who’s to say there’s a God
Hiding in the sky?
Climb to Him
Climb to nothing
We’re on a road to Hell.

Many say we’re devil preachers
But that can’t be true
If a man can’t be above, he can’t live below
The books deny
The people kill
We’re on a road to Hell.

No matter how loud I shout
No matter how much I plead
They’re not going to listen to me
They bow to
They look to
The Bible.

Oh yeah
I’m going to Hell.



We’re all screaming
Screaming in our faces
Screaming at ourselves
Screaming at others

We might not say it
We don’t have to
The face says all
I can read the screaming

One screams for money
Another for God
One for family
And another for life.

I scream to scream
I scream to be heard
I scream because I’ve whispered for too long.

I might be the loudest of them all
Or even you
But no matter how loud someone could scream
No one would listen, no one can.
They’re all screaming
They can only hear themselves.



the release
i feel it
rising inside
broken chains
i CAN eXpress
i can be who
i wanna be

they tell me
i cant be this way
whats WRONG with iT
i dont understand
why cant i just be
is it too much for them

they stop talking to me
i slowly start
To change
i follow the rules
I dont like it
But still,
I need someone to hear

So I am happy now
I am one of them
I am them.


Pins and Needles

“Pins and Needles”

They’ll take the arm
And take the needle
Fill it with liquid
It won’t hurt a bit.

Stab it deep
Reach the veins
Mix it in
It wasn’t so bad.

Time presses
Clock ticks
Seconds pass
Heart beats.

The liquid churns
Diseases me
I feel funny
I feel normal.

They’re draining me
I can feel it
The feeling
It’s leaving in me.

I’m numb
My head
Out the ears.

The people
I can’t hear
I scream
I can’t hear.

Speak up!
I can’t hear
Speak up!

I can’t feel
Can you feel

You can’t
Can you feel me

Can you even
See me?
This mirror

Where are you?
Be back soon
I miss you
I miss you…

To feel
I take
A simple cut
To drain the pain.

To drain the
To stop the

It’s working
I can see you
Can you
See me?

Where are you
My cuts
They scare you.

I scare you
I scare everyone
Where are they?
Living in liquid.
Living in needle.



I can see it
Written in your eyes
You’re afraid, you’re scared
Of the person I’ve become

Fear not
This blood was for you
This sown mouth was for you
I’ve given in

You’ve pushed me to the brink
I’m on the edge
Of a different kind of war
And I’m all out of pills

A fight with myself
And you set this up
I hate myself
I hate myself because you do too

And I battle every night now
Trying to rid your image
Trying to rid your perfect face
I can’t, I can’t without tearing off my own

Fear is all in your eyes
I can see it clearly
Fear not, fear not
I am exactly who you want me to be

Tuesday, April 28, 2009



The sun will rise and set the felids aglow
The moon will shine and raise the sea
The clock will click softly, demandingly
I sit under the olive tree.

The leaves will fall and light the world
The snow will drift and freeze the rest
The earth passes by, slowly still
And still I sit under the olive tree.

Days will pass and nights will go
Seasons move and carry us home
Celebrate good company, good cheer
And still I sit under the olive tree

Many pass and watch me grow
And many pass and I slowly die
And many will wonder, many will ask
What I am doing under the olive tree

The truth, I never tell them
The confusion, always lingers
And still I sit, and always stay
Under the shade of a never-changing olive tree.


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