Monday, November 30, 2009

Earth is Heaven's Hell

"Earth is Heaven's Hell"

They took me in with my bloodstained robe
And presented me before the court
There sat God on His mighty throne
With a smile of deep contempt.

"I didn't do it, I swear!" I said with despair
But the jury laughed at my plea
Tears fell out of my darkest fear
That I may be sent to bleed.

God looked at me, twiddled His thumbs
And opened His mouth to speak,
"Tell me, my children, what hath he done?"
"He's a sinner, your honor, so dead, so weak!"

His eyes filled with a terrible rage
I wished I was gone
As he towered o'er, twisted and derranged,
"You! I have a special case, just the place, for bastards like you!"

"Send him to the darkest depths of my thoughts
Make him wish he repented
Make him suffer from his own righteous sins
For he shall be sent to bleed!"

"Bleed!" they chanted. "Bleed!" they screamed
As I took the staircase to hell.
"Good luck!" they laughed. "Farewell!" they cried,
And I, sobbing as I went, left my mother's womb.

Sonnet I

"Sonnet I"

I am fearful, for my past makes me so
To open up my heart, to let you in,
But as strongly as this autumn wind blows
My eyes slowly turn and let conscience sin.

I knew from the start I'd be your captive
Captured in your prison of a smile
Caught in your heavenly web, let me live,
But, please, let me be close to your sick vile.

As the sickness spreads across my last limbs
I take my final breath as I sink
Deeper, closer, to your sweet, dead, pale lips
Through decay, I live, drowning in your ink.

Its a violent love for you and me
But theres no other way I'd rather bleed.

At Least He's Not Living

"At Least He's Not Living"

He's choking on dirt
Gravestone's his nametag
Everyone in town,
Knows of Tommy the Clown,
But at least he's not living.

He's got deer taking shits
On his brown lil' mound
Everyone in town,
Knows of Tommy the Clown,
But at least he's not living.

And there I stand
I swear hear laughing
Everyone in town,
Knows of Me the Freak,
I hope I'm not living.


I've been doing a little thing called NaNoWrImO the past month. You know, 50,000 words in one month. It somewhat explains why I haven't posted in a while...

Well. I'm posting now.

Out of the 50k I maybe, hmm... Completed 5,000 of that. I know, I'm a failure, but whats new? I got some more poetry for you, so lets go.

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