Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sentenced on the Road to Hell

“Sentenced on the Road to Hell”

The static upon the megaphone’s words
The fury of a single outcry
A scream against the leaders
They can’t say
They can’t tell
We’re on a road to Hell.

We burst the walls
And set alight the altar
The chapel falls and ignites truth
No more lies
No more prayers
We’re on a road to Hell.

Who’s to say what’s wrong and right?
Who’s to say there’s a God
Hiding in the sky?
Climb to Him
Climb to nothing
We’re on a road to Hell.

Many say we’re devil preachers
But that can’t be true
If a man can’t be above, he can’t live below
The books deny
The people kill
We’re on a road to Hell.

No matter how loud I shout
No matter how much I plead
They’re not going to listen to me
They bow to
They look to
The Bible.

Oh yeah
I’m going to Hell.



We’re all screaming
Screaming in our faces
Screaming at ourselves
Screaming at others

We might not say it
We don’t have to
The face says all
I can read the screaming

One screams for money
Another for God
One for family
And another for life.

I scream to scream
I scream to be heard
I scream because I’ve whispered for too long.

I might be the loudest of them all
Or even you
But no matter how loud someone could scream
No one would listen, no one can.
They’re all screaming
They can only hear themselves.



the release
i feel it
rising inside
broken chains
i CAN eXpress
i can be who
i wanna be

they tell me
i cant be this way
whats WRONG with iT
i dont understand
why cant i just be
is it too much for them

they stop talking to me
i slowly start
To change
i follow the rules
I dont like it
But still,
I need someone to hear

So I am happy now
I am one of them
I am them.


Pins and Needles

“Pins and Needles”

They’ll take the arm
And take the needle
Fill it with liquid
It won’t hurt a bit.

Stab it deep
Reach the veins
Mix it in
It wasn’t so bad.

Time presses
Clock ticks
Seconds pass
Heart beats.

The liquid churns
Diseases me
I feel funny
I feel normal.

They’re draining me
I can feel it
The feeling
It’s leaving in me.

I’m numb
My head
Out the ears.

The people
I can’t hear
I scream
I can’t hear.

Speak up!
I can’t hear
Speak up!

I can’t feel
Can you feel

You can’t
Can you feel me

Can you even
See me?
This mirror

Where are you?
Be back soon
I miss you
I miss you…

To feel
I take
A simple cut
To drain the pain.

To drain the
To stop the

It’s working
I can see you
Can you
See me?

Where are you
My cuts
They scare you.

I scare you
I scare everyone
Where are they?
Living in liquid.
Living in needle.



I can see it
Written in your eyes
You’re afraid, you’re scared
Of the person I’ve become

Fear not
This blood was for you
This sown mouth was for you
I’ve given in

You’ve pushed me to the brink
I’m on the edge
Of a different kind of war
And I’m all out of pills

A fight with myself
And you set this up
I hate myself
I hate myself because you do too

And I battle every night now
Trying to rid your image
Trying to rid your perfect face
I can’t, I can’t without tearing off my own

Fear is all in your eyes
I can see it clearly
Fear not, fear not
I am exactly who you want me to be
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