Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sentenced on the Road to Hell

“Sentenced on the Road to Hell”

The static upon the megaphone’s words
The fury of a single outcry
A scream against the leaders
They can’t say
They can’t tell
We’re on a road to Hell.

We burst the walls
And set alight the altar
The chapel falls and ignites truth
No more lies
No more prayers
We’re on a road to Hell.

Who’s to say what’s wrong and right?
Who’s to say there’s a God
Hiding in the sky?
Climb to Him
Climb to nothing
We’re on a road to Hell.

Many say we’re devil preachers
But that can’t be true
If a man can’t be above, he can’t live below
The books deny
The people kill
We’re on a road to Hell.

No matter how loud I shout
No matter how much I plead
They’re not going to listen to me
They bow to
They look to
The Bible.

Oh yeah
I’m going to Hell.


  1. this one is my favorite but screams is my second <3

  2. Thank you. :) I like this one too.


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