Monday, April 5, 2010

Birds, Mathematics, and Roads

If only you were here…
Because the clocks are vultures
Feverishly feasting on this poet’s fallen flesh
The second hand is like the master
Who brought them to the dish.
Because, snap!  The equations are broken
The lines no longer make the square
Addition is subtracting the negative values
The formula for happiness is no longer here.
If only you were here…
Because the steps taking me forward
Are the ones walking me back
When I turn around and face my fears
The steps take me twice as fast.
Oh, when you were here, the vultures let me be
The algebra made sense; the path taken was sweet
But, “When you stole the car, and drove towards Mexico”
I hated you then, now I could never love you more.
Oh, God!
If only you were here…
The cat is out of the bag.

(This was for a class assignment, where we had to complete these 'tasks', so this definitely is shit.  But maybe you liked it?)

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